Our Mission
We, at Naia Voyages, desire to share our love of life on Earth, and our passion for healing, with those who seek to grow spiritually. We believe in playful teaching from a place of experience, and using the skills we acquired on our journey, to help empower others to find their own gifts, talents, passion, and voice. From this place of self-knowing you will find the ability to express your truth into everyday life; thus integrating your spirituality and creating wisdom, transformation, and self-mastery while honoring your childlike playful spirit.

Why the Big Island of Hawaii
With its stunning diversity of eco-systems, Hawaii (the Big Island) helps us experience the stillness and wonder inherent in nature at sacred places. Hawaii’s vortexes provide the perfect setting and healing energy from which visitors can begin or pursue their spiritual journey. The Hawaiian way of life is about celebrating the self, living in love and creating the life of your dreams. Come and discover your true nature, learn to consciously create from your heart and experience harmony, love and joy now and forever.

Why Naia
According to the Urban Dictionary the meaning of Naia goes as follow:

Naia is a person who is a free-spirit. They flow through life with the spirit of a Dolphin (the Hawaiian word for dolphin is Nai'a). Naia is a person who is always seeking adventure and will take off on a whim with gentle determination. You can find people with this name traveling the world or lost in a daydream of escape.

Naia came to me many years ago as my power animal. When we jumped out of the water in unison I felt my heart open and the joy of freedom that I had felt as a gymnast. I was totally attuned to this free spirited creature who gave me his name as being Naia. For several year I was oblivious to its meaning, until I visited Hawaii and realized the beautiful synchronicity.
I have visited many countries leaving spontaneously and diving into adventure. This is the way I have lived and love to experience life. I was born in Morocco and moved back to France when I was 8. At 20 I moved to the US with my husband, which in itself was an adventure! I have jumped at every chance I had to travel to new places but Hawaii stole my heart and gave me the roots that I was lacking. The first time I landed on the Big Island in 2003 I felt at home. I have been back every year since. Now I want to share my love for this beautiful paradise, for its gentle and playful people and its rich past.

Master healer and teacher
CGBChantal Guillou-Brennan, I. E. M.™ practitioner and teacher
Certified in: Hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™
which includes past life and life between life regression
Reiki Usui–Practitioner & Teacher level IV and Lightarian Reiki™,
Jin Shin Jyutsu (Acupuncture without needles), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
Initiated in advance techniques of Shamanic healing
. Ordained Interfaith Minister
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