Récréation is a time for fun and a time for growth!
You are here because you understand that your vacation is not only a time to recharge but a time to re-create yourself. Récréation is French for recess, and is considered to be as important as studying because it free the mind to tap into the the field of infinite possibility.

Our teaching honors the playful spirit of Naia/Dolphin. As we learn to enjoy the beauty of our surrounding we also open our heart and become aware of our true nature. Using simple yet powerful Mastery of Awareness exercises we embrace our power and live in harmony with our surrounding (where ever this may be.) Each day we set our intention for increased awareness, transformation and to live from our heart.

Add a ceremony or a teaching to your vacation
When visiting sacred sites on the Island, we can take advantage of the energy of such place to enhance our intuition, to give thanks, to explore the multiverse and non-ordinary reality. We can connect to the spirit of the land and design a ceremony for your group which can be cathartic or empowering, healing or revealing. We can honor Madame Pele in her sancturay or commune with the water element to honor the feminine in the temple of the Moon or call on the element to heal or body mind and spirit. Using meditation and ritual we express our gratitude and honor the land, and learn to live a life of abundance and harmony.

Experience Past life-Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Quantum Jumping
QHHT™ session are available for individual as a one-on-one session of 3 to 4 hours to explore past lives
and request wisdom and healing from your higher self. Find out more.
QHHT and Quantum Jumping are part of a group regression into the past toe view a past life (QHHT) and jump into the future known as Quantum Jumping. The workshop is 90 minutes long.

What is Mastery of Awareness™?
The Mastery ofAwareness™ class honors and respects all belief systems. Each participant is allowed to explore new belief systems and to choose what fits their present understanding and faith. The body of knowledge is a combination of many school of thought including shamanism, meditation techniques, NLP and hypnosis which are used to enhance the human awareness, develop HSP and enable people to heal themselves and others.
Workshops are an hour long.
Regardless of the name used for the Divine–which is always part of the equation when creating health or anything else–what mattered was to open oneself to miracle, to the possibility and truth that we are co-creator of our personal experience. That if our 5 senses enable us to use 10% of our brain, we can develop part of the other 90% to expand our understanding and experience of life. We are much more than the sum of the part that makes us human. Credo Mutva.. one of the greatest shaman practicing in South Africa says that we, human, have 12 senses not five! Mastery of Awareness endeavors to identify and play with these senses or abilities that we all have but have been afraid to claim.

What we explore in Mastery of Awareness™

Hand on HealingHealing™?
Hydropathic Healing™ is hands on technique using water for the therapeutic treatment. The practitioner uses the flow of water around the body, plus the energy of the element of water, air and earth as well as the channeled universal energy to perform the healing. It is akin to a dance as the practitioner and the floating subject both commune with the elements around them. Although we use specific technique of acupressure and hands on healing, each healing is different and unique because it is directed by the Divine Guidance.
The Lemurian flavor of this healing is given by our location itself. Hawaii is know to be on of the remaining tip of the land of Mu where the Lemurian people lived during the time of Atlantis. The Lemurians and Atlantians possessed exceptional psychic powers, outreaching those exhibited today, that were put to everyday use. To this day the Hawaian islands still hold a power vortex of energy that promotes learning and healing.

Jin Shin Jyutsu (accupressure without needles), Reiki and Energy Medicine treatments are available during your stay.
To learn more about these visit the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute. For an appointment email chantal@integrativeenergymedicine.com